• Stockholm

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Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden. It is known for its rich heritage - with arguably one of the best preserved historic centres in Europe, visitors will be entranced by it's beauty, buildings and its many parks, gardens and canals.


A city where 'Style' is the watchword for everyone from the smallest boutique coffee shop to the famed museums, shopping is by no means excluded and you will delight amongst the small local retailers offering products showcasing the famous Swedish design. 


It is part of the group of cities commonly known as the "Venecias del Norte". Important universities are located in the city and it is the seat of the Swedish Government and most of its institutions, such as the Supreme Court of Justice.


For the food loving traveller, Stockholm combines a love of traditional regional food but does not shy away from embracing the new! From fried herring to trendy locavore dining, the city's inhabitants adopt and adapt with great culinary skill.





You cannot leave without visiting Gamla Stan (the historic centre)


Climb the 365 steps of the Stadshuset tower to have the best panoramic views of the city centre.


The Stockholm tube network is one of the most impressive of the world as 90 of its 100 stations are decorated with works of art by renowned artists.


And (Mama Mia!) If you are a fan of ABBA you can also visit their museum and learn more about the music group.


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  • Stockholm

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